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At least three parties were raided by police in Blackpool at the weekend, with police handing out more than £37,000 in fines to over 50 people.

In a 24 hour period, between 9pm on Friday and 9pm on Saturday, police hit the resort’s street to crack down on house parties found to be taking place in breach of lockdown restrictions.

Lancashire Police did not provide exact numbers, but said “all participants were issued with fixed penalty notices at a cost of £800 each”.

The stiff £800 penalty applies to all those caught at gatherings where more than 15 people are present.

It meant at least £24,000 in fines were handed out to those at the party.

The force did not say whether the organiser has been fined £10,000 for hosting the party, as per the guidance.

But if this is the case, it means the 21st birthday party in Newlands Avenue would have cost a staggering £35,000 in fines.

On Saturday (March 27), a further two house parties were raided by the resort’s Special Inspector Sonya Boden and her team of part-time voluntary constables.

She said her team of six specials visited two homes whilst on their evening patrol, with 16 people found inside one of the houses.

All but one of the party goers were aged over 18, and were hit with £800 fines – a total of £12,000.

Again, the Specials Inspector did not say whether the organiser had also been fined the customary £10,000 for facilitating the party and no address has been provided.

If the party host has also been fined, it would take the total cost of the lockdown party to £22,000 in fixed penalty notices.

No details have been provided about the second house party, but Lancashire Police and the Blackpool Inspectors have been approached for details.

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